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Ex Astris, a mobile real-time, and fast-paced action 3D RPG invite you to explore a tidally locked planet, Allindo splits into two hemispheres after ring-shaped stroms. Download Ex Astris APK Latest version Free For Android mobile, and begin your interstellar adventure.

GameEx Astris
Latest Version1.0.4
GenreRole Playing
Size11.1 GB
Required OSAndroid 7.0 and up
Total Downloads10,000+ downloads
Offered ByGryphline
Ratings4.9 (Out Of 5)
Released OnFebruary 27, 2024

Introducing Ex Astris APK Role-Playing Game

Take a deep dive into the mesmerizing space mission journey with Ex Astris APK, where you will get the chance to explore the new virtual world planet, Allindo that will enthrall your Android mobile gaming experience. Developed by Gryphline, can be found on the Google Play Store, and App Store to download its latest version. Ex Astris is getting rapid popularity after its release globally, standard out as the first choice RPG game for users. Its engaging storyline and enthralling gameplay will captivate the users.

The Ex Astris is a real-time sci-fi role-playing game that will unlock the door of adventure to be an Investigator and explore the full new Allindo planet. Users can experience exciting gameplay through Interstellar space. That will bring intricate strategic combat and advanced systems interwind with a concocting story. Explore the landscapes of Ex Astris APK Allindo planet, where every corner has its storyline and secrets. Which you have to explore.

The Ex Astris Planet is situated in a constant daytime orbit. That will give you extra time to explore the whole planet. One of the advanced features of Ex Astris is that It offers a real-time Obscuran Maneuvers system, that will give you to make your strategy and plan against upcoming counterattacks against enemies. So, Immerse yourself in a real-time turn-based RPG Game after using the given below link for Ex Astris APK Download the Latest Version For Android, and iOS mobile.

What is Ex Astris APK?

The Ex Astris APK is an application package that can be used on Android mobile. Those users who are looking to download Ex Astris APK from trusted third-party websites, then they can use it. After that, They can delve into a sci-fi real-time turn-based role-playing game where a plethora of challenges are more intricate and will mesmerize your gaming experience.

Features Of Ex Astris APK Real-time RPG

The Ex Astris RPG Game offers mesmerizing features that enhance your mobile gaming experience. So, Embark on a premium enthralling RPG adventure in Ex Astris, A unique blender of mobile games that offers to unravel the hidden secrets of a lost community on the alien planet Allindo. 

Get a chance to explore a virtual world with two split hemispheres, forge bonds with a diverse cast of companions, and master its advanced systems. Its real-time and turn-based action-packed storyline offers intuitive features. So, Take a look below, and explore all of the Ex Astris APK features in this category:

The Ex Astris real-time sci-fi 3D RPG Game allows users to explore the virtual alien planet in a tidally locked orbit, that will unlock a realm where the moon never comes. It is divided into two different hemispheres by massive ring-shaped storms, Allindo planet is the best place for bizzare creatures, and alien looks like human beings with intelligent brains.

It offers a unique blend of turn-based mobile gameplay experience with fast-paced action. Take a deep dive to explore the most innovative Obscuran Maneuvers system of the Ex Astris APK RPG game, which will give you time to plan your strategy thoroughly and encounter enemy attacks. Also, You can join the most advanced combos and attack together for strategic adventures.

Players can find their team with vibrant companions, each with their own strategic motives plan, and story. In Ex Astris APK real-time 3D RPG, their powers and ability to play the game will depend on their performance. Scour the virtual alien planet Allindo, to get various types of materials, or ingredients to make special dishes, and turn your ideas into the ability to craft all Laylah-keys to make your team stronger.

Immerse yourself into the enthralling journey of Ex Astris APK real-time and turn-based 3D RPG, where you scrutinize the virtual planet Allindo full of bizzare creatures, and intelligent beings like humans. After the ring-shaped Strom, it has been divided into two hemispheres that are going to offer chances to explore every place to get ingredients to craft all Keys. It is going to enhance your mobile gaming experience.

Screenshot Of The Ex Astris APK Latest Version

Ex Astrix APK Image1
Ex Astris Release Date, Pre-registration, Download For Android & iOS

Ex Astris APK Download Latest Version Free For Android

The sci-fi turn-based and real-time 3D RPG gameplay has been officially released globally to download on Android and iOS mobile. Its unique blend of design, and carefully crafted for mobile players are going to enhance the gameplay. Where you will get a chance to explore the Allindo planet’s foreign lands, and diverse Local cultures, make your enthralling memories, and unravel the unsolved secrets behind the looming world.

To experience all of this, First of all, You have to use the given below link for Ex Astris APK + OBB Download v1.0.3 Mod Latest Version Free For Android, and iOS mobile smartphone devices. After that, Unlock a 3D RPG, where you will be part of Allindo planet.

File Type.apk
Latest Version1.0.4
Size1.1 GB
CompatibleAndroid and iOS
Last Update2 hours ago

How To Download And Install Ex Astris APK?

  • Open Your Web browser, and Search for the ExAstrisAPK.Com website.
  • Once you reach the website, thoroughly explore it, and locate to the download button.
  • Tap on it, and the Ex Astris APK + OBB downloading process will automatically start.
  • Once the download process is completed, Go to the download section of your browser, and find the file.
  • After getting it, Tap on it, Where You see a prompt. You have to click on the “Settings” options. 
  • A new page will open where you have to enable the “Allow from this sources” option.
  • After that, the Installation process will start automatically. Wait for its completion.
  • Once the installation is completed, The Ex Astris APK Mod can be found in your app section. Open it, and Start exploring the Allindo planet.

So, Above is the simple step-by-step guide to download the Ex Astris APK OBB Latest Version for Free, and Install it on your Android mobile. Although, If you are facing any problems, then let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

Additional Features Of Ex Astris APK RPG Game

The Features of the real-time, turn-based 3D RPG do not end here, because it has some additional ones that are going to give you an enthralling experience in the realm of Allindo planet, where you will get a chance to unsolve the mystery behind the looming world. So, Explore all of the additional features of Ex Astris APK one by one below.

  • Engaging Narrative: Immerse yourself into the wide, easy-to-understand narrative of the Ex Astris APK RPG, which will bring the experience of bizarre creatures world and intelligent beings like humans to your fingertips.
  • User-friendly Interface: Its sleek design and carefully crafted for mobile will give you a mesmerizing user-friendly interface that will help enhance gaming performance and allow you to explore its hidden secrets.
  • Refined Strategic Combat: The Combat system of Ex Astris APK 3D RPG has an advanced Obscura Maneuvers system that offers the perfect time to respond to your opponent’s counterattacks. So, you have to make your own new tactics and strategies to overcome the upcoming challenges.
  • Offline Mode: Users who want to experience the virtual world of the Allindo planet, full of hidden secrets, can do so in offline mode. Ex Astris APK RPG offers additional combat quests and game experience in offline mode.
  • Mesmerizing Graphics: Delve into the unique blend of blissful graphics that will take your gaming experience to the next level. From Ex Astris APK textures to lightning and characters to battle to like, it will enhance the mobile gaming experience.
  • Community Interaction: Ex Astris real-time sci-fi 3D RPG offers more ways for players to interact with other players. To know the basics gameplay mechanics to share their ideas and fix the issues in live events, all will be able to be in one place in the community forum.
  • New Characters: The Allindo planet world has expanded, introducing new characters with extraordinary features and skills to explore the planet. This is going to add extra layers of strength in the game narrative and strategic opinions in combat.
  • New Updates & Features: The sci-fi real-time and turn-based Ex Astris APK game developer regularly adds a plethora of features through its new updates, which will be available on trusted third-party websites and also on Google Play Store and App Store.

Ex Astris APK Carefully Crafted For Mobile

To give players extraordinary features, easy-to-understand in-game narrative, and explore the Allindo virtual world planet with combat Obscuran Maneuvers system, They have carefully crafted the Ex Astris APK RPG for mobile users. Adding some extra layers in the game to enhance the Android and iOS mobile players’ gameplay.

This aspect of the game welcomes players to immerse into a wide enriched woven storyline, where every forward step will impact the unrevealed story. 

The Ex Astris APK role-playing game has an investigator role with lots of responsibilities. Have you ever experienced that the mourning sea in from of you has lost its warmth? Like this, Yu is going to get an enthralling feeling. Be an Investigator in the Ex Astris game, reveal the mystery of Allindo planet, and make your gameplay, and your combos more engaging, fast-paced action.

This role-playing game demands patience, skills, and strategy that are going to be more rewarding. To solve the mystery behind every corner of the Allindo planet, you have to make combat strategies.

Explore the local cultures, collect memories of endless encounters, and be a part of the Ex Astris APK real-time 3D fast-paced action game.

With a wide variety of upcoming encounters in the Ex Astris APK game, It offers an enhanced gaming experience on your Android and iOS mobile where your every step will depend on your traits. So, Make a plan, make a decision wisely, and explore the Allindo planet that split into two parts after the ring-shaped Storms.

The in-game progress will be rewarding in the Ex Astris APK sci-fi turn-based gameplay because After solving the mystery behind the looming world, you will take one step forward to the Allindo planet to explore more and enhance your mobile gaming experience.

How To Play The Ex Astris APK Real-time RPG Game?

To become a master in the Ex Astris APK role-playing on the Allindo planet, where you have to make a strategic plan and immerse yourself in crucial exploration. So, follow the best tips to play the Ex Astris game, and overcome every mystery in the looming world.

Tips To Play The Ex Astris APK Game

  1. Explore The Game: The Virtual hemispheres of the Ex Astris APK Allindo planet is full of unrevealed secrets waiting to be solved. Take a deep dive into every corner, and team up with your combs with their motives, and stories, that will make the gaming experience more engaging. This game is going to give you mesmerizing memories at every step that need curiosity, and diligence, with its mystery and unsolved story.
  2. Maintain Balance: The Ex Astris APK Allindo planet is split into two hemispheres, after two ring-shaped Stroms, where the exploration is undeniable. That’s why you have to achieve mastery in its combat strategies. Where you will get a chance to explore unknown places full of bizzare creatures, and advanced beings like humans to make your gameplay even more engaging. This will show that players are delving into the Ex Astris game and solving the upcoming challenges.
  3. Regularly Upgrade: The developers of this game are going to release updates regularly to add new features, bug fixes, and security, and privacy protection improvements. To experience all of this, You have to regularly update your Ex Astris APK game from the Google Play Store for Android mobile, and For iOS iPhone, You have to get it from the App Store. For both in one place, You can get it from trusted third-party websites.
  4. Keep Patience and Focused: The Choices and your strategic plan matter in the Ex Astris sci-fi fast-paced action game. Every movement of you and your vibrant companions will influence the gaming performance, storyline, and character development, and overcome any in-game challenges. So, Develop your plan that will help to relationships with characters, and easy-to-understand the narratives.
  5. Join Ex Astris Community: Being a part of the thousands of members of the Ex Astris community can widely enhance your gaming experience because you can learn its basics, how to overcome every upcoming challenge, and how to make your combat strategic plan. All will be delivered by the highly optimized community members who have been playing this game for a long time. So, Participate in the community live events that will enrich your in-game interaction.

Pros And Cons Of The Ex Astris APK Game

Pros and Cons


  • Explore the tidally locked out planet where the sun never sets, split into two hemispheres after ring-shaped Stroms.
  • Fast-paced action and real-time turn-based sci-fi 3D RPG offers an immersive, and engaging mobile gaming experience for every user.
  • The Ex Astris APK RPG game focused on 3D anime-style graphics of the Allindo planet, and every character comes alive.
  • With its sleek design, easy-to-use navigation, and controls, a wide narrative storyline will mesmerize your gameplay.
  • The developer of the Ex Astris APK game seems to be actively releasing new updates to improve the app, and add more new in-game features.


  • Some users can find it more intricate to play the Ex Astris APK fast-paced action real-time 3D role-playing game because more Challenges are hidden in it.
  • It doesn’t offer a cloud Save facility to transfer your in-game progress across any Android mobile device.
  • The Latest Version of the Ex Astris APK 1.0.3 is its official release and can be potentially incompatible with some devices.
  • No more tutorials and guides are available on the official website of Ex Astris. So, players have to explore the whole game on their own and make combat strategies to play this.

Gameplay Of Ex Astris RPG

The Ex Astris real-time/turn-based sci-fi 3D RPG has mesmerizing gameplay, here you can watch the full video of chapter 1. The gameplay Walkthrough is played by famous YouTube content creators which is why it might be seen as easy for some players. But, You will get a chance to explore to explore the basics tutorials of the Ex Astris APK game such as How to play it, navigation, and how to use controls.

Also, We can experience the Allindo planet where bizzare creatures and intelligent beings like humans are offering engaging gameplay for the Android, and iOS mobile players. The widely narrated storyline and tutorials will be in the native language. So, Take a deep dive into the Ex Astris RPG where more intricate challenges, and engaging gaming waiting for you.

Ex Astris Mobile Gameplay

Download & Install Ex Astris Game For iOS or iPad

As we know, We can’t directly download the Ex Astris APK Mod Latest Version fully unlocked directly for iOS or iPad, because it is developed for Android mobile. For iOS or iPad, You have to follow the different procedures that are added below with a step-by-step guide. So, Embark on the virtual Allindo Planet Interstellar space Journey with Ex Astris, a groundbreaking turn-based, and fast-paced action sci-fi 3D role-playing game that offers player’s to experience the outer reaches of the Cosmos.

Immerse yourself into the space journey, explore alien worlds, bizzare creatures, and local cultures, and engage in epic mesmerizing battles after encountering your enemy’s attacks. All you can experience on your iOS or iPad. For that, follow the steps below to download Ex Astris Latest Version RPG.

  • Go to the App Store, and Tap on the Search bar that will be available on the top of your screen.
  • Type “Ex Astris” in the search bar, then press the search button.
  • You will see the app in the search results. Tap on it, and go to the main page of the Ex Astris.
  • There tap on the “Get” Button, and Download the Ex Astris For iOS or iPad.
  • You will see the progress there, and also, on the top part of the phone.
  • Before that, You will promoted to fill in the basic details like Apple ID or Face ID. 
  • Once the Download process is completed, Locate the Ex Astris game in your app section. Launch it, and explore the Interstellar journey.

By following the above step-by-step guide instructions, You can download the Ex Astris official game from the App Store on your iOS or iPad smartphone.

Download & Install Ex Astris For PC or Mac: Experience Epic Battles

The Ex Astris real-time 3D sci-fi role-playing has changed the world by storm. Its fast-paced action gives you access to make your vibrant companions, multiplayer mode, and offers to explore the Allindo planet where the Interstellar space journey waiting for you. All of these mesmerize the player’s gaming experience. 

So, Do you want to experience this on a Larger screen? And you want to download the Ex Astris For PC? So, Here is the Step-by-step guide to download it on PC or Mac.

An Emulators: Your Gateway To Ex Astris PC Gaming 

To run an Android mobile role-playing game on Your PC or Mac, You need advanced Emulators that can offer a smooth gaming experience. There are many popular emulators available in the internet world, and each has its pros and cons.

To experience the Ex Astris APK Game on your Windows PC or Mac, You should go with the BlueStacks. Follow the guide to download and install it.

Download And Install BlueStacks To Play the Ex Astris Game

  • Go to the Official BlueStacks Emulator website.
  • Once you reach the website, You will get the download button, Tap on it.
  • Downloading will start instantly, and you can see the progress of it in your browser download section. 
  • Once the download is completed, Install it, and Launch BlueStacks on Your PC or Mac. After that, Move to the next steps.

Install The Ex Astris Role Playing Game

  • Launch BlueStacks Emulator on your PC or Mac, and complete the basics tutorials and guides.
  • After that, You will land on the home screen of it.
  • There You have to tap on the “Google Play Store” Options.
  • You will be promoted to Login to the Google Play Store to access the apps.
  • Now, Tap on the search bar, Type “Ex Astris”, then press Enter Button.
  • You will get the official app in the results section. Tap on it, and go to the Main Page.
  • There Tap on the “Install” option. Downloading will start. Also, You can see the progress there.

Once the download is completed for the Ex Astris APK Game, It will be added to the home screen page of the BlueStacks Emulator. Now, Move to the next steps.

Play Ex Astris Game On PC or Mac Using BlueStacks

  • Once the installation is completed for Ex Astris, You will see its icon on the main page.
  • You might be promoted to log in or sign up for a new account.
  • Tap on it, Launch the game, and finish the basics tutorials, and guides to use navigation and controls.
  • Configure your control settings on the PC keyboard, and mouse as per your convenience.
  • After that, Take a deep dive into the fast-paced action, real-time 3D RPG Ex Astris gaming Journey.

By following these steps, Now you can enjoy the Ex Astris role-playing game on a larger screen, Windows PC. Where epic battles and mysteries are waiting for you. Remember, Responsible gaming is necessary. So, Set your boundaries, and maintain a healthy gaming atmosphere.


The Ex Astris is a sci-fi real-time turn-based, and fast-paced action role-playing game that focuses on 3D anime-style graphics to feel characters and the world like alive. It has a virtual planet called Allindo that’s divided into two hemispheres after the ring-shaped Stroms. With Ex Astris APK wide narrative storyline, and combat Obscuran Maneuvers system that gives time to respond to your enemy’s counters attacks. All of this going to make your gameplay more enthralling.

Also, It offers a comprehensive solution for universe enthusiasts, where you have to reveal the mystery behind the looming world. In this article, We have shared its every detail like what is it, features, how to play the game, How to Download, and Install the Ex Astris APK Latest Version on Android mobile, and Its pros & Cons. That is going to mesmerize your gaming experience. So, Take a deep dive into Ex Astris world where unsolved secrets are waiting for you.


How To Download Ex Astris APK Latest Version?

You can download the Ex Astris APK Latest Version for free from the ExAstrisAPK.Com website.

What is the latest version of it?

The latest version of the Ex Astris APK is 1.0.4.

Is It safe to download and use?

Yes, It is 100% safe to use and download the latest version of the app.

What is the storyline of the Ex Astris?

Ex Astris is a real-time, and fast-paced action 3D RPG Where players have to explore the allindo planet to overcome the challenges. Also, You will get a chance to delve into its local cultures, collect memories, and solve hidden mysteries.

Is It available for download On the Play Store?

Yes, It is available for download from the Google Play store. But, you have to pay 999 rupees first.

What is the Ex Astris APK Mod?

It is a modified version of the app that is developed by third-party websites to help players who want to play this game for free.

What is the size of the Ex Astris APK?

The Latest version size of Ex Astris APK is 1.1 GB.

What is Laylah-keys in Ex Astris Game & Its Use?

The Laylah-keys are the various types of equipping elements in the game. Players can use this to enhance their character’s stats and performance.

How To Collect More Astrite In The Ex Astris?

Players have to explore the whole game and defeat enemies to collect astrite. Through which they can learn new skills after accessing the node details screen.