Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls Revealed 2024

Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls Revealed: Calling All Allindo Interstellar spacefarers, Are you ready to take a deep into the epic battles of vast expanses of the real-time, and fast-paced action 3D role-playing Ex Astris game? But, Worried about the Mobile Controls and settings, because you are a newbie players to the game. 

Don’t worry, Because Here is full guides that will help to become a Master of the Ex Astris APK Mobile settings and controls.¬†Turning you from from nenewbie players to a pro seasoned Interstellar space investigator in no time. So, Gear up, grab your Android or iOS mobile phone, and Immerse yourself into the highly anticipated Ex Astris role-playing game.

Ex Astris Real-time 3D RPG Guides Settings

In this Article, We will share full guides regarding the Ex Astris mobile game settings and controls. So that you can easily understand it, implement it in your account to explore the full Allindo planet where bizzare creatures and intelligent beings like humans are available, and secrets and hidden controls are Revealed. So, here we go.

The Settings and Controls are divided into various parts. So, fill your bowl with your favorite foods, and explore all of them.

Traveling Strike

  • It’s a mode that allows you to explore the Allindo planet. 
  • You can hit the Traveling strike while exploring. It gives you advantages like hitting enemies with a traveling strike gives you a first-stage boost when you land in the combat system.

Balance Mode

  • Here, You have to maintain balance, because it’s for the enemy. 
  • Performing aggressive traveling strikes on your opponents will reduce their vitality and Balance.

Attack Mode

Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls Revealed 2024
Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls: Attack Mode
  • It is the highly advanced feature of the Ex Astris role-playing game, using attack costs action points (AP) in the game. 
  • If you have unused AP, it will be carried over to your next turn. 
  • Upgrade Party level to recover more AP, and increase Max AP.

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Ex Astris RPG: Obscuran Maneuvers System

It offers a cool blend of turn-based gameplay fast-paced action, and the Obscuran Maneuvers system is the most innovative part of the game. That allows you time to respond perfectly to your counterattack enemies. Also, You can join your team combos and joint attacks on your enemies for strategic advantages. Let’s explore more below.

Enemy Time

  • When entering to the enemy time, Your Ex Astris RPG characters will automatically go into the defending mode.
  • Watching your enemy move closely, and waiting for the perfect defense. 
  • When the Defense state is active, Watch the enemy closely, and hit the Obscuran Maneuvers system button on the left side of your screen, when the attack is about to hit. This negates the incoming attack from the enemies and grants advantages.

Ex Astris RPG: Combat Combo Mode

  • In these Modes, Players have to use special sets of skills to get extra action points (AP) and unleash the combos in the Ex Astris game.
  • During A Turn, Initiate your attack on enemies with striking skills to recover AP instantly.
  • Downed Strike: Using Your character’s skills with “Downed Strike” instantly affects the downed enemy, and You can recover the action points in the game.
  • Aerial Strike: Use your character’s skills in the Ex Astris role-playing game with “Aerial Strike” effects on a lifted enemy, extend the airborne state of the target, and recover AP.
  • Aerial/Downed Break: A target in the Ex Astris game that has three consecutive aerial/Downed strikes will suffer through aerial/downed breaks and will get more damage for a short time.

Ex Astris RPG: Switching Skills Sets

The real-time, and fast-paced action 3D sci-fi Ex Astris role-playing game allows you to use the switching skill sets options to transfer between your combos. To perform this, check below details:

During Combat, Tap on the right side top screen switch that will be able on your control screen to switch between Wave or Particle states and use different sets of skills.

Go to the vault section of the Ex Astris RPG to set your character’s skills as per your requirement.

Ex Astris RPG: Ultimate Charge-up

Performing attacks or successful shadow shifts in the Ex Astris game that Dodge your opponent’s attack can charge up the ultimate.

Unleashing Ultimate: Drag the icon to a character avatar to unleash their ultimate in the game.

Ex Astris RPG: Astrite Enhancement

Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls Revealed 2024
Ex Astris Mobile Game Settings & Controls

Collecting Astrite: You have to defeat the enemy in the game to collect Astrite or Explore to get it.

Enhance Characters: Go to the orbital screen of the Ex Astris role-playing game, you have to access the node details screen to spend collected Astrite, learn new skills, or enhance Characters stats.

So, These are basic guides settings, and controls that will help you to easily understand the game, set up control as per your requirement, and explore the Allindo planet Of Ex Astris to get Astrite through which you can learn new skills, and enhance the stats instantly.

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