How To Fix Ex Astris RPG Login Problem In Android & iOS

The recently released first-ever real-time 3D sci-fi role-playing game, Ex Astris is gaining popularity worldwide on the internet, social media platforms, and YouTube, respectively. Users are so excited to have this highly anticipated turn-based, and fast-paced action RPG on Android, and iOS mobile because It brings Strom to the mobile gaming industry. From its unique blend of design to a widely narrated storyline, all are mesmerizing.

So, Have you downloaded the Ex Astris Game on Your Android and iOS mobile? If yes, then Take a deep dive into its storyline, and experience the full game. But, Some users are facing problem issues on their phones, because recently released apps have some bugs or are not compatible on low-end devices. Don’t worry, We are here to give you a step-by-step guide to fix the issues easily, and after that, You can experience the Interstellar journey on your phone. So, Let’s get started.

About Ex Astris Role Playing Game

Ex Astris is a real-time/turn-based sci-fi 3D role-playing game, where the sun never sets. It allows you to go on the adventurous Interstellar space journey, explore the wide variety of local cultures, play the game, and collect memories, and unravel the mystery behind the looming storm. As an investigator, You will get a chance to immerse yourself into the highly anticipated Allindo planet and embark on your gaming journey.

From its unique graphics to background sounds, and storyline to gaming experience, all are engaging. So, have you started your Ex Astris gaming journey? Or facing Login Problem Issues? 

If yes, then we have a solution for that. Take a look below, and follow the step-by-step methods to easily solve the Ex Astris Login Problem Issues in Android and iOS mobile phone devices.

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Common Causes of Ex Astris Login Issue

  • Network connectivity issues: Online gaming needs fast, and stand network connectivity to play the game smoothly on your Android and iOS mobile. If you haven’t done this, then You face lag or login problem issues. That can impact on your gameplay.
  • Incorrect login credentials: Whenever you are going to play a game like Ex Astris, and you’re a newbie, then you have to create a new account using their preferred methods. In your account, You can see your progress, collect rewards, and more. S, If you’re using incorrect login credentials, then definitely you will face Ex Astris Login Problem Issues.
  • App Version Compatibility: before downloading the Ex Astris fast-paced action, and turn-based sci-fi 3D role-playing game on your Android, and iOS mobile, make sure that Your mobile is compatible, and has enough free storage. Then you should download the app. Otherwise, various types of issues can be addressed.
  • Server-Related Issues: During the release time of Ex Astris, They had a huge amount of pre-registration, because of it, their server faced an extraordinary load that’s why some users weren’t able to log into their account.

Troubleshooting Steps For Android Users

The Ex Astris real-time sci-fi 3D role-playing game needs a huge amount of free storage such as around 3 to 4 Gb on Android to play this game smoothly. Also, It required High RAM and processor. Otherwise, You can face various types of problems like phone heating, lag, auto-back, and login problem issues. For all of this, You can follow the below steps to below it easily.

  • Checking Network Connection: Before playing the Ex Astris RPG on your Android mobile, make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection.
  • Verifying Login Credentials: Properly check your login credentials to access the game vault where you can manage your characters, change settings, and use the navigation to explore the game.
  • Updating the Ex Astris App: If you haven’t still updated the app to the latest version, and facing Ex Astris Login Problem Issues, then Go to Play Store, and update the app instantly. It might solve the problem.
  • Clearing App Cache and Data: Every gaming store has Cache and data to perform better and give you recommendations as per your requirements. To fix login problem issues, Go to Settings > Manage App > Ex Astris > Clear Cache & Data. You have done it. Now, Launch the app, and you will see that, the problem has gone.

Troubleshooting Steps for iOS Users

The functionality of the Android and iOS mobile are different that’s why the developers are releasing the app for Android on the Google Play Store and For iOS users on the App Store. So, for Those iOS users who are facing the Ex Astris Login Problem Issues, then here is the solution for that.

  • Ensuring Stable Network connection: Stable, and fast internet connection is the key to playing the game. To fix Ex Astris login problem issues, make sure that you are using fast connectivity.
  • Confirming Accurate Login Details: To overcome the login problem issues for the Ex Astris role-playing game, Always use the correct login credentials.
  • Updating Ex Astris on iOS: The developers are releasing new updates actively to fix the bugs, make improvements, and add new features. So, Don’t forget to update your app from the App Store. It can solve 99% of your problem instantly.
  • Clearing Cache and Data on iOS Devices: If you are still facing Ex Astris login problem issues on your iOS mobile, then follow this step. Go to Settings > App > Ex Astris > Clear Cache & Data¬† > Launch the App, and the problem is gone.

Additional Tips for Resolving Ex Astris Login Problems

Steps To Fix Ex Astris RPG Login Problem In Android & iOS
Fix Ex Astris RPG Login Problem
  1. Resetting password if Necessary: If you have not remembered your login credentials like password, then the Best is to get back that reset the password, and easily fix the Ex Astris login problem issues.
  2. Contacting Ex Astris Support: They have a dedicated customer care support team to fix your problem and make your gaming experience smoother, and engaging m so, You can contact them after visiting the official website.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Login Issues

  • Keeping App and Device Software Up-to-Date: If you don’t want to face any problems like Ex Astris login issues, then actively update your app from official sources like Google Play Store, and App Store.
  • Regularly Changing Passwords For Security: To keep your Ex Astris role-playing game account safe and secure. Set a limit to change its password like after 3 weeks or 1 month.
  • Check App Reviews and Community Forums For Insights: Join its thousands of members worldwide through the Ex Astris community where you can access the basics tutorials to play the game, step-by-step guide for any solutions, and more.


In this article, I have shared a complete Step-by-step guide to fix the Ex Astris Login Problem Issues In Android, and iOS mobile with its troubleshooting methods. Also, Share the tips and tricks to don’t face problems in the future. So, Fix your problem today, and Launch the app, Explore the basics tutorials, and guides, After that, Take a deep dive into the Interstellar Allindo planet journey, where unravel the mystery behind the looming storm waiting for you.

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